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Episode #63 - Partner with The Nursing Home Podcast - SOLO EPISODE

Maximize the reach of The Nursing Home Podcast.

Here's my first solo episode on the podcast.
Haven't really done this before.

Zooming out

Thank you for supporting this show allowing it to grow to 20k downloads!
Truly humbled and grateful!

Onward to 100k!

I started the podcast to find the answers to basic operating questions that weren't showing up the Google results.

I was only finding flowery and jargon-filled content but nothing that spoke to me in practical ways telling me what to do.

The Nursing Home Podcast was created to fill this void.

I've received so many beautiful messages from owners, administrators, and those working in nursing homes telling me how they listen to the show on their commute to work or share pieces with their coworkers.

This makes it all worth it :)

For a content creator, it's so satisfying to know that your content is being consumed absorbed and implemented by your target audience.

This is a place they come to for updated and current information in the industry shared with them in an easy to digest way

Google is apparently noticing this as well as we are rating really well organically as well! ( Just Google nursing home podcasts and you'll see...)

There are many companies that support this industry that are former operators, or talented in their space and have a unique angle on the industry.

Some have a story that must be told and they're doing this here on the show. I'm honored to host them here on the show.

If you service this industry and would like to be featured or sponsor an episode - reach out to me at Shmuel@snfmarketing.com Or DM me on LinkedIn to schedule a call to see how we can make this happen.

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