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April 7, 2021

Dietitians: More Than Just Food

Every senior care facility needs a dietitian, but many do not fully comprehend the integral role they play in the function of a facility.

Likewise, many dietitians give complex orders that are difficult to follow because they don't understand the inevitable chaos that staff face every day.

Medical Nutrition Therapy Associates addresses this disconnect by training dietitians to be team players and enter every situation ready to help out in any way needed.

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As the founder of MNT Associates and an experienced long-term care dietitian, Esther Gutman hires, trains, and provides dietitians to long-term care facilities. 

Dietary is often disregarded as glorified catering when, in fact, it is one of the most prominent facets of a facility. 

It is the one area of service that every resident and every family member can understand and look forward to. For this reason, Esther always tries to bring excellent standards to the kitchen. 

In order to fully comprehend the reality of what staff must deal with, dietitians should spend time in the kitchen. This will allow them to make informed orders that staff will be able to carry out. 

Esther states that personality and attitude are 75% of a dietitian's success and they should seek to be team players and establish rapport with staff, especially CNAs.

Obtaining weights may be one of the biggest problems that dietitians face. Rather than dealing with it on their own, they should hold team meetings around weights so everyone can understand the complex issue. 






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