April 25, 2022

You Said What?

With so many different means and components of internal and external communication in facilities, it is often difficult to direct the right messages to the right recipient at the right time.

Ryan Galea, CEO of VoiceFriend, explains how this dynamic software can unite all the stakeholders of a facility and serve as one system to streamline everything that is being said.

After the loss of his grandparent, who received terrible treatment in rehab after surgery, Ryan resolved to address some of the issues in post-acute care by buying a software company already active in that space and using his expertise to build it up. 

VoiceFriend addresses the problem of inefficient communication faced in facilities where the many different stakeholders, including residents, families, and employees make for a quagmire of related issues. 

With varying levels of technological proficiency among these stakeholders, there have to be many different methods in place for communicating and conveying information. 

This type of chaotic system means that information and things said often slip through the cracks or can only be found again after a lengthy search which wastes time and effort. 

While there are other tools designed to improve this problem, they often only cover a section of facility communication or don’t work well with software already in place. 

Ryan explains that VoiceFriend is not a tool but a system designed to serve as the core communication platform of facilities by which all other means of communication already in place pass through. 

The software can convey messages over a wide variety of platforms including text, phone, and even Amazon Alexa.

Recipients can set their own preferences to reflect how they would like to receive communications. 

VoiceFriend’s simplicity and ease of use are great strengths and by integrating it, a facility can dramatically streamline its communication and enhance processes already in place. 






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