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April 12, 2021

Should Nursing Homes Be On TikTok?

The idea of nursing homes on TikTok seems laughable! How could a platform populated by youngsters benefit an industry whose literal purpose is catering to older people?

This tendency to think senior care facilities shouldn’t bother with social media is wrong and will lose operators and administrators the opportunity to reach multiple important target markets.

Steve Hall, the president of Craft Media, explains the numerous advantages that TikTok present for nursing homes.

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Despite starting off as a nurse and clinical liaison, Steve’s side gig of marketing and content creation soon grew into a full-service agency, Craft Media, of which he remains president. 

Though senior care facilities serve an older clientele, they are really marketing to younger relatives, decision-makers and placement workers in hospitals, and potential employees. 

Steve explains that all of these groups will likely be present on social media and will be influenced by the quality of a nursing home’s social media presence.

In addition, the content will be published online about nursing homes whether they like it or not.  

Failing to maintain their brand through a digital presence will ensure that it is not created by them but by consumers, whose spiteful comments may do great damage to their reputation.

So where does TikTok fit into all of this?

Steve states that, at present, TikTok echoes Instagram’s early days, full of young experimenters and rapidly expanding to eventually become a solid segment of the social media landscape. 

By maintaining a consistent presence on this platform while it is still early days, nursing homes will have a huge advantage in the long run.




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