June 16, 2022

Dementia Education; Why?

Does dementia training actually work?
How important is it?
Is your staff up to date with their dementia training?

In this episode of The Nursing Home Podcast, we'll meet Dr. Jennifer Stelter, also known as The Oil Doctor, Psy.D., a Clinical Psychologist and author of "The Busy Caregiver's Gu…

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Covid has wreaked havoc on nursing homes.

It has highlighted some areas that are really broken.

And outdated ways of thinking and doing.

In this episode of The Nursing Home Podcast, we meet Dr. Buffy Lloyd-Krejci, who's toured dozens of facilities focusing on di…

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June 9, 2022


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Whose responsible to ensure your facility is properly staffed?

The admin?
The DON?

In this episode, we meet Avi Richman who's got a background in nursing home administration and is now the director of labor management and recruiting for Vita Healthcare Group.

We're going …

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I can't push it off any longer. For some reason, I always do interviews for the podcast and almost never do solo episodes, and today I'm trying this out.

In preparation for tomorrow's event in Top Golf in Chicago, I wanted to create a custom podcast episode focusing on the recruitment challenge…

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March 5, 2022

You Said What?

Effective and practical communication is so critical for nursing homes.

This is especially vital for discharge planning, emergencies, required communications, and marketing.

In this #linkedinlive recording of @TheNursingHomePodcast, we meet Ryan Galea, CEO at VoiceFriend, a leading communic…

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Feb. 20, 2022

Let's Talk Legal

Don't you love litigation?
Didn't think so.
Especially when it's against you.

Problem is that healthcare operators generally enter this space with the best of intentions, clamoring to do the very best for the greatest generation, yet sometimes, find themselves in deep water.

Like really…

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We all know how critical it is
and what happens when there's a breakdown.

In this episode of The Nursing Home Podcast, we'll meet the founder and CEO of Carefeed as we'll discuss the communication challenges within #nursinghomes.


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It's no secret that nursing homes are struggling to staff their facilities at an acceptable level.

Burnout, unemployment, and no small dose of bad press are some of the factors that are adding to the problem.

In this live recording of @The Nursing Home Podcast, we meet Christina Roberts of Appl…

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Everyone is beating on our CNAs.

Why do we have to beg them to work?
Why are they so demanding?
Why can't we depend on them showing up and providing the care they promised to deliver?

Here's a perspective from someone who's been there.
In the trenches.

In this episode of The Nursing Home P…

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It IS possible to hire and retain your nurses and aids.
Even in today's environment.

Meet Aishling Kelly of Aishling Care Academy who will discuss with us her how she's succeeding to attract new talent and set them up with their first jobs.

@The Nursing Ho…

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A nursing home's biggest asset is its employees.
It's also their biggest liability.

Lawsuits, frivolous or not, can significantly drain a nursing home's already limited resources.

In this episode of The Nursing Home Podcast, Richard Scharlat, partner and member of Fox Rothschild LLP's national…

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We step on them all day and barely notice them. I'm talking about flooring. I know it can sound like a boring subject but you'd be surprised to learn how it affects the way we use and engage in a space.

In this #linkedinlive recording of The Nursing Home Podcast, we meet Motty Notis, of Ritz Floor…

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May 31, 2021

Get Paid For Your Care

It's imperative that nursing home operators fully capture the reimbursement that is owed to them. Providing care in a nursing home setting is challenging enough as it is.

In this episode of The Nursing Home Podcast, we meet Israel Rosenberg of Comprehensive A/R Solutions, and we'll discuss the te…

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Recruiting and retaining essential employees is perhaps one of the biggest pain points in the nursing home industry right now.

Nurses, CNAs, dietary staff, maintenance directors are leaving nursing homes in droves. Some to unemployment, to other facilities hoping for better wages and working condi…

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All those long shifts dealing with intensely emotional and difficult conditions have taken their toll. Our nursing home teams are burned out and many of them are leaving their facilities or even the industry completely.

In this episode, we meet Pritma Dhillon Chattha, DNP MHA RN Leader of Healthc…

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We've seen all the signs, read all the campaigns that are screaming, 'healthcare heroes work here'.

Is this really true?
More importantly, do YOU really feel that way?

Here's some real talk, pulling out the stops.

On Clubhouse Friday.

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Since launching the podcast in May 2019, the podcast has evolved into a go-to resource for the senior care industry. This has always been the goal and we couldn't be happier about this. 

Vendors to the senior care space have noticed the growth of the show and the engaged and niched following of de…

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Dietary services are not just meals. It's more than just the food.

It's an integral part of the nursing home product and it directly impacts the residents' overall care.

From capturing accurate weights to meal services and tray accuracy. There's a lot that goes into this.

In this #linkedinlive r…

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Many nursing homes operate in a constant state of chaos. The levels may vary but the chaos is constant.

From the nurse who didn't show up last minute, to 'DPH is in the building' to 'there's water coming in from the roof', it's a roller coaster ride.

Without the tracks or seatbelts.

In this #lin…

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Join the Clubhouse room to participate in the recording!

Senior living is changing dramatically as we start viewing our seniors as an extension of our active society and not post-society.

In this #linkedinlive recording of The Nursing Home Podcast, we will meet Nancy Griffin, host of the Glowing …

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IT silently keeps your business running in the background. As integral as it is to daily operations, we only notice it when it stops working.

That's when we should stop and realize its importance.

IT done right, can completely change the way business functions and can propel it to levels of succe…

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Maximize the reach of The Nursing Home Podcast.

Here's my first solo episode on the podcast.
Haven't really done this before.

Zooming out

Thank you for supporting this show allowing it to grow to 20k downloads!
Truly humbled and grateful!

Onward to 100k!

I started the podcast to find the…

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When I reshared the Upworthy article on LinkedIn about how Jean Makesh is designing nursing homes in a way that so different from the current normal, I never expected it would cause such a stir.

We picture nursing homes to look and feel institutionalized and dreary and even with operators doing a…

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