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March 15, 2021

We Only Notice When IT Stops Working

With a variety of complex medical and administrative equipment and staff often unversed in computers, there are a million ways that technology systems can go wrong in Nursing Homes.

This is why it is essential to find a good IT company like DigaCore which works with clients to install technology programs that suit their needs and their budget.

Nathan Berger, Chief Technology Officer of DigaCore, explains that most outsiders to the trade, such as nursing home operators, are often confused about what “IT” actually does and doesn't do.  

IT covers the internet and computer infrastructures. 

Without the help of an IT company, nursing home technology systems will likely be designed poorly and operators will lose  lots of valuable time supervising repairs.  

Unlike many other IT companies, DigaCore offers its services at a flat-rate model which means that there is no extra, by-the-hour cost for repairs. 

Their whole business model centers around installing things right the first time or at least fixing them as quickly, efficiently, and permanently as possible. 

DigaCore also understands that Nursing Homes usually do not have large budgets to work with and focuses on bringing cost-effective technology to clients.




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