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March 22, 2021

Can Nursing Homes Be Less Chaotic?

If you find yourself having to motivate employees to come to work every day, you are doing something wrong.

Tzvi Schwartz, an expert EOS implementer, explains that people can be a business’s biggest asset or liability.

By reexamining who is hired, where they are seated, and how they are inspired, nursing home operators and administrators can create a company working hard towards a unanimous vision.

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Tzvi Schwartz, certified EOS Implementer, explains that if a leader must motivate employees it means that they don’t have a clear vision, their employees don’t share their core values, or their employees aren’t in the right seat.

The concept of a vision refers to who a company is and where exactly it is going every day.

This doesn’t have to be a grand, altruistic plan. In fact, it will be obvious if a company’s vision is contrived or insincere and they will inevitably attract employees who do not align with their true mission or culture.  

Despite how good people look on paper, they will not be a good fit, if their core values are not congruent with those of their workplace.

If employees remain uninspired despite a clear communication of company vision, it means that they are not the right people.

Finally, Tzvi states that if people aren’t placed in the right position, or seat, at their company they will do poorly.

Simply moving an employee to a different position may increase their productivity significantly.






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