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Dec. 5, 2022

Authentic Selling in Healthcare

What should you do if you're a Clinical Liaison and you are instructed by your administrator to fix your facility’s census?

Nebras Hayek, assistant Vice President of Gentell, Inc., gives some strategies that can be used to improve census numbers and target specific issues that are hindering a facility’s progress.

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Nebras Hayek’s incredible career in marketing throughout multiple industries is the result of her high-powered mindset and can-do attitude.  

Though she has worked in a number of interesting places, Nebras got into healthcare marketing partly through the connections she made while hosting events for various healthcare related groups.

In addition to her intensive day job, she is also an active military combat engineer in North Carolina, a position which on top of everything else demonstrates her love for challenges.  

Nebras started out at Gentell as a regional manager covering only a few states but rapidly ascended to assistant vice president of the company, covering all 49 states.  

Her significant experience in senior care has shown that progress is best made through building authentic connections and establishing dependability and trust with others in the industry.  

Senior care faces a lot of current challenges. While the largest issue may be staffing, census is still a very high priority problem for many facilities.

So what can a nursing home do to fix its census?

Nebras advises that before judging that a nursing home is struggling, you need to go in, find out what’s actually going on, and only target that specific issue rather than making a lot of large irreversible changes.

She states that some major points to be examined and evaluated are the facility’s current Medical Director and the actions of its Admission Directors.

Medical Directors are supposed to be representatives and advocates for their facility. They should be ready to fix the problems they encounter or delegate the process of fixing.

It is important to check in regularly with Admission Directors and find out what they are doing. Ask what challenges they are facing, who they are marketing to, and what's happening with referrals.  

Lastly, when asked about the relevance of social media for both facility and vendors in senior care, Nebras states that, for both of these parties, the more recognition and familiarity the better. This is best done through authentic video content which is more informative than pictures.






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