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Feb. 26, 2023

Retain Your Nursing Home Staff

Is it possible to keep your staff from leaving even if the facility down the street pays a dime more?

Erica Coleman, CEO of Clinton Area Care Center, states that creating an atmosphere of care and transparency will make staff want to stay and the only way to make this happen is through your own attitude and actions.

Erica has had 30 years of experience as a nursing home administrator and specializes in regulatory compliance. 

Her nonprofit senior living campus is so excellent at staffing retention that they have managed successfully to never bring in outside agencies. 

In today's senior care facilities, where administrators constantly struggle to keep staff from leaving, this is an incredible achievement. Erica outlines some of the means by which she and her leadership team have made it happen. 

Firstly, they have made sure to be visible in the local community. They are involved with two chambers of commerce, hold lots of events, and have great working relationships with the local high-schools.

High-school seniors who have completed one year as nursing assistants and want to stay on, will receive 75% tuition reimbursement towards starting a nursing degree at community college. 

They also hold raffles for those applying and bonuses to current employees for referring someone. 

For current employees, there is a career ladder in place throughout all departments and excellent tenure. Staff can work to advance themselves and see results for their hard work rather than feeling stuck in a static position. 

There are also many amenities provided including an excellent break room, and regular socials that help to create a great work atmosphere. 

Above all, Erica holds that having a work family, all pulling together towards the same mission statement, is essential. 

Right from the interview she assigns new hires a mentor in their department. By being present at the interview, that person will also be able to decide on behalf of their department whether they want to move forward with hiring. 

She maintains a strong philosophy of servant leadership and strives to let all her staff know that she cares for and appreciates them. 






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