Excellent source of a variety of topics on post acute care

Post acute care is an industry that is new to me. As a novice, I was looking to educate myself on the industry and learn how to better serve my customers and learn precisely what their needs are. I've enjoyed the variety of topics and in depth discussions. Each episode opens more learning opportunities. Thank you Nursing Home Podcast!

Great podcast!

Excellent window into the nursing home industry!

Great knowledge

Applicable to different segments of healthcare!

Very enjoyable

I have gained a lot of knowledge just by listening. Try it for yourself to learn something as well

Education and appreciation

This podcast educates me on the intricacies of all the components that go into running SNFs. Also hearing from leaders in every department of the nursing home makes me really appreciate what each employee does. The host does a great job in asking questions and getting the core messages from the guests. He also brings more perspective from the experience he had working in nursing homes. Great podcast.

Great educational source

I really enjoy this podcast since it has so much to offer. The guest that Shmuel interview are really on key. Thanks Shmuel for putting it together.

Very Informative

As an assistant administrator. I look to this podcast to truly learn as best as a I can so I will be fully prepared to take on my own facility some day. I absolutely recommend this podcast!

Valuable & Enriching !

This podcast is awesome & all pain points follow the most prestigious data surveys. It’s nice when insiders at the facility level and service providers are on the same page. Thank you for so generously sharing your wisdom & energy ! Your work is admirable

Informative for anyone in the industry

This podcast really has helped me understand the industry of SNF’s. And if you don’t know what a SNF is, listen to this podcast and find out that, and a whole lot more!


Love the info. Keep it up guys.

Great info!!

I've always been really impressed with the content of these shows.


I've been listening to this podcast for a couple of weeks, and i think it's the best.

Necessary Change

I’m a new listener and I’m so refreshed to hear such important discussions. We need to elevate ourselves and our practices by doing better. We need to cherish our aging population. I’m delighted to know that it is happening and that there are so many wonderful people doing wonderful things to make this happen. Thank you for sharing your progress and insight.

I’m glad this Podcast exists.

I never thought anybody was talking about nursing homes and the challenges that are being faced there. And then I found out about Shmuel and this pod. I think he’s doing a terrific job, dishing out fantastic content and giving a voice to a segment of America that needs to be heard.

Great pod cast

I really enjoy this pod cast ! I work in homecare and in a SNF . I usually listen while I am driving , it’s informative , professional and very interesting !

Really informative!

The host asks all the right questions!

Thanks for the educational podcast

Thanks for the educational podcast

Great Podcast

Very entertaining podcast about the long-term care industry and how to evolve during these challenging times. I look forward to listening to more topics daily!

Dr. Eleanor Feldman Barbera

Thank you, Shmuel, for offering interesting conversations about long-term care and for your dedication to elders and those who work with them. I appreciate your having me, a long-term care psychologist, on the show to discuss ways in which we can support direct care staff during and after the pandemic.

Intellligent and Witty

I so appreicate the multiple aspects and faceted conversaion around the Nursing Home challenges. Shmuel easily allows for new ideas from those he interviews while interjecting his own ideas into the mix that can be quite funny while being informative... funny because it's true.

Thank for keeping me informed!

I've been in the hospice industry for over 3 years now but most of my past experience has been in long term care. While I still work with SNFs, ALs and PC I felt as though I was out of the loop on some of the changes in that industry. Podcasts are growing in popularity and I was fortunate enough to stumble on "The nursing home podcast". Give it a listen, it really helps me feel up to date with what's going on in the long term care community. Thank for keeping me informed Shmuel!

GOAT of Podcasting - Authentic and Real!

One of the only podcast that I have listened to that is 100% spot on. Shmuel is so authentic and well versed on the industry. His podcast aren’t filled with self promotion, sponsors, and sales. Instead they are helpful and inspirational. If you are listening to this podcast make sure you also subscribe to his other podcast 9-5, it’s just as awesome. He is so relatable if your actually in the industry for the right reason. Thank you Shmuel for creating such genuine content!

Nursing home

Must listen, very informative!! Joe

Great show

This is an insightful podcast that gives a clear understanding of what happens in Nursing Homes.

Very informative

Overall a great podcast to hear a different opinion of what goes on it a nursing home. Some facts, some opinions that will make you think in areas you might not.

Solid Content

Great content, especially hearing from the eyes of an administrator.

Must listen!

Great, honest content! Looking forward to more episodes!

True awesomeness!

This was a must listen for anyone in the nursing home business.