It's all over the news. We have all been waiting and hoping desperately for this vaccine that we think will make life back to normal.

Yet there are still lots of questions that need to be answered.
Who's getting the vaccine?
How long will we have to wait for it?
Is it really safe?
How effecti…

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People are thinking twice before sending someone to a nursing home or any communal healthcare setting.

They are concerned about the risks of exposure and operating with limited resources.

In this #linkedinlive recording of The Nursing Home Podcast, we meet Nick Desai, cofounder at, a …

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In today’s episode, we meet Laura Steuer, founder of Friendly Voices Senior Phone Buddy Program.

After a month in isolation due to the pandemic, Laura was inspired to create a phone outreach program for Seniors.

She points out that many nursing home residents have no friends or family, or have l…

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Research shows that talking is crucial to brain development, mental health and well-being.

Talking has been shown to feed and enhance the working, short term memory, which is the first type to decline in Seniors. Improvement of the working memory will, in turn, feed the long-term memory and overa…

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Join us on today's #linkedinlive recording of The Nursing Home Podcast with healthcare media commentator, Stephanie Erickson!

-- Join us today at 2 PM right here LIVE on LINKEDIN

Really looking forward to this conversation today :)

We will discuss:
- The need to focus on the body, mind, and so…

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Dec. 10, 2020

AI for Fall Prevention

Fall prevention is everything.

One fall can seriously affect the overall health of the seniors and begin a really bad chain of health events. A senior with already compromised health can really take a turn for the worse beginning with a fall.

Over the years, there have been many methods used t…

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You may have thought of social media as a nice-to-have for a healthcare facility. It was just another way of deepening the relationship with your residents, their families and the general community.

In this new Covid world that we live in, it's become a must-have. It's a place people are turning …

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In this live broadcast of The Nursing Home Podcast, we'll meet Laura Steuer, Director of Friendly Voices phone buddy program.

During Covid, she set up this program matching up volunteers with nursing home residents. Each volunteer calls their phone pal, once a week to talk about anything they'd l…

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The seniors of our society are often impacted by tremendous amounts of stigma. In order to feel fulfilled in our final years of life, we all must be recognized for our unique identities and valuable life experience rather than that which we have lost.

The Green House Model strives to uphold this …

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While converting to in-house rehab management will ultimately make for a more interconnected and collaborative facility, this can be a daunting task if undertaken alone.

QRM offers efficient and effective management for in-house rehab complete with a team of experts to ensure a smooth transition f…

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Loki Mahadevia is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and wants to eliminate loneliness through laughter.

Here's what we'll be discussing in today's episode:

- How Yoki discovered loneliness and Laughter Yoga
- How Laughter Yoga helps seniors and the science behind it
- How nursing homes can imple…

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Statistics show that the 60+ market is the largest consumer segment in the country, owning 83% of total U.S. wealth.

Companies gearing their business towards such an impressive demographic would be greatly aided by implementing LinkedIn in their outreach strategy.

In today’s episode, we meet Jud…

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Nursing homes are sometimes despised because of how institutionalized they've become.

The long hallways.
Dreary paint.
And all-day bingo.

It doesn't have to be this way.

In this episode, we meet, Susan Ryan, Senior Director at The Green House Project. We will learn about this new method of pr…

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A nursing home's rehab program is a complex system of providing clinical rehab support to the residents while being a significant revenue stream for the facility.

Both of these goals are critical to the survival of a nursing home requiring expert oversight and management.

In today's live stream…

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Getting a short-term medicare patient referral is tricky enough, but imagine what harm could ensue if that patient suffered a breathing problem and needed to be sent back to the hospital the very next day.

The DON/administrator come in to the facility in the morning only to find out that the hard…

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Scheduling nursing staff can be an endlessly frustrating time-suck. The difficulties arising from this arduous task often leave nursing homes and medical facilities strained and dangerously understaffed.

The Gale App is the Uber of nursing staffing services, digitizing and personalizing the schedu…

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In this live broadcast of The Nursing Home Podcast with Judi Fox, we discuss how venture capitalists are focusing their attention on the senior care space looking for opportunities to fund innovation and improvements.

Judi Fox has generated over 5 million views on LinkedIn in the last 2 years, an…

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We all know the challenges involved in staffing a nursing home. It's so difficult to find the nurses and CNAs to pick up the shifts that you desperately need to fill. Today.

We are excited to share this live broadcast of The Nursing Home Podcast with the founder and president of Gale App, Tony Bra…

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Oct. 19, 2020

2020 iPhone Event

Watch how Apple removed the charger and headphones from the iPhone box and really proud of it! They must have saved themselves millions of dollars by doing this and blamed it on the environment.

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We know the challenge of having finally admitted the perfect resident that we're perfected suited to treat and rehab back to the community. Only to find out in the morning that the overnight nurse sent them back to the ER due to shortness of breath.

This can usually be handled in house while prev…

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In this Episode we meet Michael Radut of, a tool that allows nursing homes to communicate their vacancies with their hospital partners.

We will discuss the importance of effective means of communication and how this will help nursing homes build their relationships with their…

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The elderly were hit really hard with Covid19. Not just from a physical health standpoint, but socially as well.

Man were left with no one to interact with, to look after them or socialize with at all for an extended period of time.

In today's live recording of The Nursing Home Podcast, we meet…

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While other industries have been advancing in new and more effective ways of marketing and communication, the senior care space is just waking up to this reality.

In this #linkedinlive recording of The Nursing Home Podcast we get to interview, president and founder of Nowsourcing, Brian Wallace. …

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As nursing homes are starting to reopen their doors to outside visitors, they need to address the health of both the residents as well as the visitors themselves.

Additionally, there a series of new regulations that must be followed (it's nursing homes after all) and implemented to manage this ne…

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