July 5, 2022

Is Long Term Care Broken?

Picture this: a category five hurricane converges on a city. The streets are crammed with the traffic of evacuees. Yet, rather th…

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Oct. 11, 2021

Smart Hiring for Nursing Homes

Over the past few episodes we have examined how to maintain personnel, but what about hiring them? Adam Lewis explains that i…

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Sept. 9, 2021

CNAs Care About Company Culture

While we have learned quite a bit on the show about the pressures CNAs have to endure and why so many of them leave for other pro…

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Aug. 25, 2021

CNAs: Make Them Want To Stay

The growing CNA turnover rate continues to impact nursing homes nation-wide. It has left facilities scrambling to the point o…

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April 22, 2021

Combating Staff Turnover & Burnout In Nursing Homes

While nurses are working constantly and under extreme pressure to help people, they don’t often receive a lot of help themselves.…

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March 22, 2021

Can Nursing Homes Be Less Chaotic?

If you find yourself having to motivate employees to come to work every day, you are doing something wrong. Tzvi Schwartz, an…

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