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Oct. 11, 2021

Smart Hiring for Nursing Homes

Over the past few episodes we have examined how to maintain personnel, but what about hiring them?

Adam Lewis explains that in order to attract the healthcare job seekers of today, job postings need to read like advertisements that tell a story, rather than just a bland list of position requirements.

Adam Lewis is the CEO of Apploi, a hiring software company centered around healthcare. 

With a background in HR, he has spent lots of time working with healthcare companies to identify and remove roadblocks in their job application processes. 

Two of the largest problems often encountered in healthcare recruiting are: how to attract more candidates into the application funnel and how to successfully move them through said funnel. 

To start with the latter of these issues, Adam states that out of all industries, healthcare takes the longest amount of time to recruit personnel with the average span being 40 days. 

This is often the result of an application being too lengthy and complicated. 

In order to make this process more frictionless, the application should feature fewer questions upfront and be mobile optimized so as to be accessible to nurses, CNAs, and LPNs who will likely be filling it out on their phones. 

The job postings themselves should also be created with the needs of current healthcare workers in mind. 

Rather than going by the old method of copying and pasting the needs of a position, employers must be more creative to grab the attention of job seekers in this modern competitive market. 

Job postings should narrate the experience of company culture, the perks that employees will receive, and the value that they will be regarded with. 






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