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April 22, 2021

Combating Staff Turnover & Burnout In Nursing Homes

While nurses are working constantly and under extreme pressure to help people, they don’t often receive a lot of help themselves.

By giving nurses the care they deserve, administrators, operators, and facilities, can hold onto these important employees and nurture their resiliency.

Pritma Chattha, Leader of Healthcare Innovation at Apploi, provides insight on how employers can help nursing staff and how her company assists healthcare providers in hiring and retaining more qualified staff.

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Before becoming a serial entrepreneur, Pritma served as a registered nurse for 18 years. This first-hand experience allows her to understand what nurses want and need from employers. 


As a nurse, Pritma would sometimes work double shifts that added up to 20 hours a day because of shortages. 


In this time of COVID-19, facilities are often understaffed. Nurses are high in-demand and are constantly receiving competing offers of larger salaries and bigger paychecks. 


As a result, nurses have become less concerned with money and more with how well they will be cared for by potential employers.  


Facilities who want to attract and retain nurses must put more effort into supporting their staff, helping them develop career pathways and supporting their career progression. 


Pritma states that this support doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and can be as simple as sitting down to get to know staff and learn where they want to end up on their career journey. 


Another idea is the mental health toolkit provided by the American Nurses Association, which is designed to help nurses regulate and monitor their mental health during this stressful time. 


In order to recruit nursing staff at all though, it is first necessary to possess an efficient employment method.  


Apploi is a unique software which assists with all areas of the employment process and separates truly perfect candidates from the rest of the crowd. 






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