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May 11, 2020

What Should I post on Linkedin?

Recognize and respect the fact that your connections on Linkedin are real people. This should be guiding light in defining what to post and how to engage.

There's no simple rule of how to post just like there's no simple rule as to what to say in person.

Engage online just as you would in person.

Litmus test: Are you embarrassed when you meet your Linkedin friends in real life? Is there a disconnect between your online self and who you really are?

Moe Rabi, COO of Senior Care Therapy, transitioned from selling DME (durable medical equipment) to his current role. He explains the transition, as a natural move from helping to helping. 

People do business with people. We need a personal relationship with the business we are working with. We are social animals and we crave genuine human connection. 

Personal profiles have much more engagement than company pages because of the human connection. 




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