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Nov. 30, 2020

What Is The Green House Model?

The seniors of our society are often impacted by tremendous amounts of stigma. In order to feel fulfilled in our final years of life, we all must be recognized for our unique identities and valuable life experience rather than that which we have lost.

The Green House Model strives to uphold this vision and humanize elder care through its innovative nursing homes setup and caring method.

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Susan Ryan, senior director of the Green House project, delves into the negative stigma that faces seniors. 

With 40+ years of experience in the senior care field, Ryan has witnessed first hand the problems of both nursing homes and home care.   

With decreased independence,  institutional living environments, coupled with a culture of ageist beliefs, elderly residents often feel disempowered and diminished. Those who partake in homecare may also become extremely isolated and lonely. 

The Green House Model designs nursing facilities to look and feel like real homes. These pods or units contain around 10-12 rooms each equipped with a private bathroom. 

A kitchen and courtyard provide residents with independence as they will be able to cook and venture outside should they choose to. Staff are dynamic and serve a variety of functions, thereby developing stronger relationships with residents. 

Susan explains that in order to make their innovative project work, the Green House team has to:

  • Keep development costs down
  • Consider the best routes to fund and finance
  • Develop a balanced payer mix of Medicaid, Medicare, and private pay residents
  • Combine staffing of the various departments.

These homes are flourishing amidst the crisis of COVID-19 as a result of their small size and restricted admission. 




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