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Feb. 23, 2021

Wasn't the Covid Vaccine Developed Too Quickly? Is it Really Safe?

Katherine Grueb is a consultant pharmacist for long term care facilities for the last 8 years and shares her perspective on the Covid vaccine.

You need to look at the risk of getting the Coronavirus versus the possible mild effects of the vaccine. It's really important for to encourage residents to take the vaccine.

Higher risk seniors are still encouraged to receive the vaccine but should be monitored for side effects once receiving it.

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Shmuel: What about the fact that this vaccine was developed so quickly? Shouldn't we be concerned that it was developed too quickly? 

Katherine: No. 

This is a different type of vaccine. It's an mRNA vaccine which can be developed efficiently in a much shorter time frame. 

Shmuel: When they started working on a vaccine, did they know it would take this quickly? 

Katherine: It's not earth shattering news. In the research community at least this was already known. 

Shmuel: Should we be concerned about long term side effects? 

Katherine: There's always a risk of a long term side effect and that's something can develop later on. But based on the research that was done, we're not expecting serious side effects. 

Shmuel: Can someone get vaccine even once vaccinated? 

Katherine: You can't get Covid from the vaccine and it's really unlikely that you'll get it once fully vaccinate but it's still possible. 

Shmuel: Have you seen seniors in the nursing homes suffer from social isolation? 

Katherine: It's really hard for the seniors and the staff are doing all sorts of innovative things to keep the residents connected to the world. 

FaceTime. Outdoor visits. Window visits. 

But at the end of the day it's not the same as pre-Covid.  


You Can Help

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