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Dec. 31, 2020

The COVID Vaccine Trial From A Participant's Perspective

After a year of devastating losses and hardship, it looks like the end of the COVID-19 pandemic is finally in sight with the rise of numerous vaccines set to combat the virus.

There is one thing we are all wondering though, what does going to get one of these pioneering immunizations actually look like?

In this episode of the Nursing Home Podcast, Andrew Chappell, who is serving as a subject for the AstraZeneca vaccine, walks us through the process of getting a COVID-19 vaccination.

Having worked in biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing for the last decade, Andrew is no stranger to the type of studies that have been employed to test the recent surge of COVID-19 vaccines.

After deciding to volunteer in one of these studies, Andrew filled out a survey expressing his interest and was contacted a few months later by a representative from AstraZeneca. 

On the day of his appointment at the pharmaceutical company, Andrew received a regular medical exam before being given the first shot of the study.

The injection was either the active vaccine or a placebo and this knowledge will be withheld from Andrew until the completion of the study two years from now, or if he decides at any time to opt-out. 

The placebo is included in the study to discourage participants from altering their day to day behavior as they might if they knew for sure it was the actual vaccine they were receiving.

Andrew states that he has not experienced any side effects other than the regular muscle ache usually present after a flu shot. Furthermore, the AstraZeneca vaccine was approved in the U.K. just this week and the first doses are set to be administered on Monday.


EPISODE 57 - Should I get the Covid Vaccine? 


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