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Aug. 12, 2020

Teletherapy During Covid-19

As the world is exploring the limits of what can be done remotely, we meet the Guttmann sisters, who've implemented a remote therapy system to help their clients through this difficult and unexpected situation.

Although physical therapy is, by definition, physical. It's hands on. However, there's plenty to be said about the remote therapy sessions, or teletherapy, that providers are delivering to their clients.

Can this work in the nursing home setting? Can this replace or support the current in house therapy teams?

Listen now for this and lots more from these fascinating and talented sisters, the founders of the Hands On Approach to therapy.

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Shmuel: Can you really do effective therapy remotely without any physical contact? 

The Guttmanns:   We were actually somewhat surprised at how well it worked out. In the past, we were able to successfully implement teletherapy for our out-of-town clients. However, we had the luxury of planning for it properly by having an initial in-person session to prepare them for the remote sessions. 

Covid-19 did not give us time to prepare and this presented several additional challenges including: 

  • the technology
  • additional prep work for the therapists
  • equipment availability
  • an assistant to help the patient in person

The bottom line is that it's really so rewarding when this all does go well. Teletherapy can significantly support an ongoing therapy process and was never intended to completely replace the in person therapy sessions. 

If in-person sessions is not an option, then we have to explore how we can maximize this form of therapy until it's once again possible to do them in-person.

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