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April 6, 2020

Telemedicine Brings Expert Care to Anyone - Anywhere

COVID19 has changed the way we perceive locations and this is not likely to go away post COVID19.

Physicians are no longer limited to their physical locations and with telemedicine, they can provide care to anyone regardless of their physical location.

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Lots of the regulations governing the telemedicine space were relaxed in an effort to bring the skilled physician care to the patients in real time. 

This is a great step forward in the med/tech space and we hope this will have a lasting impact on the industry. 

Brad and Dr. Carpenter point out that telemedicine is simply a technology to connect physicians with patients. However, the bottom line is that it's the clinical team behind the tech that make all the difference. 

Sound Physicians was started as a physician group and will remain just that. Pairing the expertise of such a team with the new tech is a win/win partnership. 

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