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Jan. 20, 2020

Telehealth in Nursing Homes with Mordy Eisenberg

Early on in Mordy's EMT days, he was bothered by the inability of the clinical team in the nursing homes to prevent, identify and treat clinical issues in real-time.

This is even truer today because the nursing home today is the community hospital of yesterday.

Telehealth is an innovative way to provide 24/7 physician oversight and the doctors empower the nurses to identify and treat acute events in real-time.

The care provided by telehealth is on par with in person visits. The nurse acts as the hands of the doctors in the room.  

Not every clinician will be skilled working with telehealth because theres a skill set necessary to work in this environment. 

Additionally, there's the human element. A good clinician is able to connect with the patient and let the screen melt away to be present with the patient. 


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