Nov. 16, 2021

Taking Nursing Home Design to a Whole New Level

What if you could throw the progression of a patient’s Alzheimer's with just a change in lighting, or increase their quality of life with a few added design elements to a room.

Jean Makesh, CEO of the Lantern Group, holds that there is a difference between surviving and thriving and has made it his mission to design programs and buildings that allow residents to truly thrive!

As an occupational therapist with an MBA who has, at one point, been responsible for 120 facilities at one time, Jean is an expert in both the care and business sides of senior care. 

With his groundbreaking new designs and programs conceived to influence the lives, thought processes and social engagement of residents, he has become recognized as an incredible innovator in the space. 

Jean’s buildings are structured to engage all five senses. 

Through natural lighting or LED-controlled “Sky Ceilings,” they allow those with memory-related conditions to tell the time. 

With a design based on the nineteen twenties, thirties, or forties, residents experiencing Retrogenesis and mentally reverting back to their youth can feel at-home in their surroundings. 

Jean is passionate about the vision of his buildings from a clinical perspective and also understands that this cannot be accomplished without adequate financial backing. 

He tells investors the true story, that by creating these spaces he is reducing clients’ pain and helping them to live longer and healthier lives and that this in-turn makes for significant cash flow. 

With his penchant for innovation, Jean has been planning and developing various new programs and ideas. 

Currently he is evolving his informational senior care, Alzheimer's, and dementia focused video platform Okrah.

Jean first had the idea for this concept after producing his own documentary on one woman’s experience of Alzheimer's and realizing how little media existed around that important topic.




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