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April 28, 2020

Support Your Nursing Home Staff During Coronavirus Outbreaks

The hospital staff are hailed as heroes as they truly are - but why aren't the nursing home staff given the same level of support from the community?

Nurses and CNAs are also risking their lives working with extremely limited resources to care for the world's most vulnerable population.

There are lots of ways to show appreciation to the folks in the nursing homes:

  • Send food - doughnuts and coffee goes a long way to boost morale.
  • Hazard Pay- nursing home owners can adjust their pay to reflect this challenging work situation.
  • Treat the staff like the heroes that they truly are :)

What the nursing homes can/should do: 

  • community relations is everything. Create, maintain and cultivate real relationships.
  • over communicate with your community
  • post on social media consistently sharing your SNF's events.

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Here's the McKnight's article that connected Dr. El with The Nursing Home Podcast. 


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