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May 6, 2020

Substance Abuse is Bringing Coronavirus into Nursing Homes

Many homeless individuals are not taking the mandated precautions to prevent spreading Coronavirus.

They end up in the emergency room for substance abuse and bring this virus in with them.

On discharge, they bring the virus into the nursing homes with them.

*** we apologize for the audio quality on this episode but this was too good not to share :) ***

The nursing homes have always been the dumping grounds for the hospitals.

Patients that cannot be safely discharged back to the community find themselves discharged to nursing homes.  

This introduces multiple challenges in the nursing home setting when new residents are introduced into a setting of the traditions 'little old ladies' of the nursing home. 

Nursing home operators need to train their staff to identify and manage their substance abuse residents. This will empower them and support them to manage these difficult residents. 


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