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Feb. 13, 2020

Staffing, Retention and Vendor Relations with 3rd Generation Operator; Mark Kaszirer

You're going to like this one :) because Mark says it straight. As it is.

In this episode, we tackle some of the harder issues facing nursing home operators including staffing challenges, family dynamics and vendor relationships.

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Mark is a 3rd generation nursing home operator and he recalls his grandmother’s advice, stick your nose into every department to learn everything about them.

Shmuel: Why is it so hard to attract and retain excellent nursing talent in nursing homes?

Mark: The nurses and CNA’s who provide direct care to the residents of the nursing home have a very difficult task. It’s difficult to provide care for seniors who are no longer in the prime of their lives, can be uncooperative, combative and challenging.

If upper management genuinely sees the residents as humans, as people, as deserving of our utmost respect and admiration, this can and will trickle down to the line staff as well. 

This small mind shift can make it possible to provide excellent care even in the most trying circumstances.

By creating an environment where the nursing teams feel accomplished, you greatly diminish the chances of them leaving for your competition. 

There’s no greater feeling for a nurse than to watch a stage 4 wound heal and watch their patients thrive.

Provide them with opportunities to grow professionally and they won’t be looking to leave.

Most nursing home operators genuinely cares deeply for the residents under their care.



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