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July 28, 2020

Senior Care Visitation Management

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Even as states is easing up the visitation regulations to nursing homes, there are still many limitations and it's definitely not going back to business as usual.

Many facilities are moving to outdoor visits only and are limiting it to just 2 visitors per day. In general terms, although the need for visitation is great, it's being done a very controlled way.

And this is where Accushield comes in - Accushield is providing senior care providers with a tool that will help manage the flow of people in and out of the facility. With built in reporting, this provides a real way for operators to understand and mitigate the health risks to their residents and staff, posed by visitors.

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 Meet the Founder

Charles Mann - founder at Accushield - was steeped in the world of senior care since his early childhood when his dad opened up one of the earliest assisted living facilities in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Around 10 years back, Charles wanted to create a facility that would help bridge the gap between nursing homes and assisted livings. 

Once involved in 'boot on the ground' operations of the ALF world, Charles identified the need to address visitor management. There had to be a better way than the paper check in system. 

Hence the birth of Accushield - an electronic check in system that provides a better way for facilities to manage their visitation process. 

Additionally, we get to meet Josh Harris, director of sales for Accushield, as he shares his 'why', the reason he loves selling this service to the facilities in the senior care space. 

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