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Aug. 17, 2020

Senior Care is Waking Up!

Senior care providers are starting to wake up and understand that their online presence is critical and it can no longer be put off.

What many operators don't realize is that this is not a checkbox. Yep, I have a Facebook account, a website, a LInkedin presence.

It needs to be strategic with a clear understanding of why and what you're actually going to accomplish with your online efforts.

Normal humans make decisions based on the recommendations of their friends and social circle. They will make serious financial and health decisions based on their peers opinions regardless of their level of expertise. 

This leaves the opportunity for providers share actual valuable content to your target audience and you'll become that trusted peer that they'll turn to for help and guidance 

If you create real content that people actually want to see and share, you'll cultivate a following that trusts you. Additionally, you may start getting some earned media attention which will further grow your trust points online. 

Even if that doesn't happen, but a quick Google search will reveal your Google reviews AND your own content. Take the opportunity to control that experience. 

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