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Jan. 28, 2020

Selling Your Nursing Home in Today's Complex Marketing Climate with Joe Goldberg

Marketing for nursing homes has dramatically changed in the last few years.

Where in the past, the nursing home marketers and liaisons were welcomed into the discharge planners office, they now struggle to even find their office.

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Joe Goldberg's 2+ decades experience shows this dramatic shift in the method of filling nursing home beds. Personal relationships with hospital discharge planners no longer cut it. 

Hospitals are now responsible for their outcomes even once the patient leaves the hospital. The CMS star rating and results or recent Department of Public Health surveys will play a much bigger role in the case managers decisions. 

Nursing home marketers are discouraged and sometimes straight out forbidden from entering the case managers offices which in the past were open doors. 

There are a number of factors affecting this change but the bottom line is that we need to find a new way to market nursing homes to our acute partners. We need to find new ways to share our facilities with them. 




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