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Jan. 25, 2021

Real Time Fall Prevention

Often times a single fall starts a devasting downturn in a senior's health, and yet we are still using archaic and dysfunctional technology to deal with this.

In this episode, we meet, Caleb York of VirtueSense as he shares how their groundbreaking tech succeeded in crafting a fall-prevention system that actually prevents the falls from occuring!

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Caleb York is the Channel Development Manager for VirtueSense and joined the company as a result of witnessing the ineffectiveness of other fall-prevention technologies during his time working at the University of Michigan Health System.

While other industries have successfully become more automated and as technologically advanced, healthcare continues to lag behind. 

Most senior care facilities find it extremely difficult to purchase vital technologies with the potential to save lives because they are already struggling just to stay afloat. 

Though fall prevention technologies such as pressure pads and bed alarms are used in many senior care facilities, these are often loud, disrupting, and have been known to give just as many false as they do legitimate alarms. 

While more advanced fall-prevention technology systems such as camera-based monitoring do exist, these are only designed to be used as a means to determine how falls typically occur. 

VirtueSense utilizes an infrared depth sensor piloted by an AI and is trained with over 1.5 million hours of patient data. It's able to recognize bodily mechanical errors that typically result in falls and prevent them on the spot. 

Once the AI observes that a patient is likely to fall, it sends an alert, via an app, containing their room number to a nurse who can then catch the patient before it is too late. 

Rather than only helping to clean up falls, this advanced system predicts and prevents such adverse accidents before they can happen. 


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/caleb-york-524584155/ 

Website: https://virtusense.ai/ 



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