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Oct. 13, 2020

Preventing Unnecessary Discharges Back to the Hospital

Getting a short-term medicare patient referral is tricky enough, but imagine what harm could ensue if that patient suffered a breathing problem and needed to be sent back to hospital the very next day.

The DON/administrator come in to the facility in the morning only to find out that the hard-earned respiratory patient went out to the ER for SOB (shortness of breath).

Many times, this is avoidable and can be handled in the SNF.

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In today’s episode we meet Eric Harter, president of Rapid CPAP, who goes into detail on how to correct and prevent breathing and respiratory problems in short-term patients. 

It is a frustrating reality that many patients referred to Nursing Homes from hospitals will often suffer these issues in the very first days of adjustment. This may be the result of details about additional health constraints being left out of a patient’s report.

This unfortunate pattern is particularly prevalent in this new world of COVID, where many nursing home are really struggling to keep a healthy census.

Eric explains how implementing a program to address these problems will not only succeed in decreasing the rate of short-term patient returns but also demonstrate a nursing home’s proactivity and show hospitals that they are a good place to refer patients. 

Rapid CPAP programs include telehealth experts and respiratory therapists who educate nursing staff on correct procedures for respiratory equipment and write recommendations for patient care and measure outcomes of treatment. 


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