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Aug. 5, 2019

Megadata in Nursing Homes with Shalom Reinman

Shalom is passionate about taking complex data and presenting it to business operators in a way that's visually appealing and understandable.

Shalom shares with the listeners how he has a strong financial background in accounting, finance and business intelligence.

Throughout his career, he was drawn to the details and power that a strong understanding of the numbers had on actual day to day business decisions.

In one business, Shalom’s company inherited a business intelligence technology which Shalom built out into a real functioning system that produced the intelligent reporting systems that were important and applicable in real time.

These successes prompted Shalom to finally go out and create the full blown business intelligence system that he knew the SNF (nursing home) clientele really need.

Weren’t we always able to get similar information from regular back office reporting?

There are 2 problems with the old system of getting information.

  1. There is a labor cost incurred every time your run a report.
  2. Many times the information is too old to act on by the time your receive it.

With Megadata, the information is automatically available in real time. This allows the operators who embrace this technology to act on information that others won’t know for 45-60 days.

Who is this ideal for?

If you are a small organization with just a few facilities, this solution is probably not for you. The tool helps organizations that are growing into the mid level size.

When they are operating at that level, it’s critical to know this information to keep all the facilities in sync and operating at their highest level.

Admin Dashboard

There is a new feature developed by the Megadata team that shows a facilities administrator an overview of the most crucial information that a nursing home administrator needs to plan his day. This is a feature that is extremely beneficial on a facility level.

Visual Data

You don’t need to have a background in finance or analytics to understand the metrics in Megadata. The reports are very visual and easy to understand. Most importantly, they are easy to implement and act on.


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