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May 25, 2021

Make Your Staff WANT To Stay!

One of the biggest pain points in the senior care industry is finding and holding onto staff.

Izzy Waknin explains that facilities must create a culture in which the staff feels heard and supported. That will make them want to stay.

Izzy has explored these discoveries with his company GBC Facility Services, which provides full janitorial services for healthcare and other facilities. 


With mass burnout and not much money, nursing home staff are rapidly leaving their professions for better paying, less stressful opportunities. 


In order to keep staff, senior care employers need to shift their mindset from one of hierarchy and chain of command to one of servant leadership, where everyone feels valued and cared for. 


To implement servant leadership in their company employers should follow a plan similar to the one detailed below: 


First, a connection meeting should be held around 2-3 months after a new employee is hired to discuss how they would like to be treated. Next, a weekly one-on-one should happen once a week to recap their work and give them recognition. 


The plan should also contain coaching during the game to create an ongoing dialog, discussing a personal development strategy with the employee to find out and acknowledge their career goals, and lastly performance reviews to discuss how they can improve. 


Even if this sort of plan for conducting servant leadership may be too time-consuming for busy senior care facilities, just a five-minute weekly conversation with nursing staff will make a huge difference.






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