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Aug. 10, 2020

Make the Phone Ring With Google Ads

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities can do really well with paid ads. Google ads for census and Facebook ads for staffing . This stuff really works and you will can results in a matter of days or even hours.

That's why we bring you, online ads expert for the senior care space, Karina Tama, CEO of Senior Care Clicks, to get really in depth with us as she tells us exactly how she does this for her clients.

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Even if you're ranking really well organically, you still need to have paid ads. This is especially true on a mobile device where you will not even see the organic results 'above the fold'. 

There are 4 paid ads that show up before all the organic results show up.

Can paid ads actually increase your census today?  Yes!

You can have Google ads showing in specific locations and after a few days the campaign  will be optimized further. It gets smarter and smarter as time goes on. 

Call Extension Ads - these are Google Ads that go directly to your admissions' phone. This is the hottest lead possible. The person just looked you up online, clicked on your ad and is now calling your phone. You just gotta be sure that someone is really there to answer the phone. You can't afford  to miss the call!

If you get a contact form, call within 3 minutes because most likely this person filled out the form for other sites as well. 

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