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March 29, 2020

Is Hospice a Death Sentence?

Hospice is a very misunderstood industry. People are reluctant to enroll themselves or loved ones in this service for the fear that it means giving up and welcoming the angel of death.

Unfortunately, this greatly minimizes the benefit of this service as many people end up signing on too late.

In this episode we explore this fascinating service with John Freitag of All American Hospice.

Here are some issues covered in this broad-ranging episode:

  • Did you know that patients can graduate from hospice?
  • Who pays for hospice? 
  • What types of treatments and medications can be continued while on hospice care? 
  • Why should nursing home operators partners with hospice providers? 
  • The role of the hospice staff in the nursing home.

Here's the link to John's Linkedin group for Senior Healthcare Professionals of Philly, Bucks and Montco.






All American Hospice



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