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Nov. 18, 2020

Investors Focusing on the Senior Care Space - LinkedIn Best Practices

Statistics show that the 60+ market is the largest consumer segment in the country, owning 83% of total U.S. wealth.

Companies gearing their business towards such an impressive demographic would be greatly aided by implementing LinkedIn in their outreach strategy.

In today’s episode, we meet Judi Fox, a networking mastermind who successfully generated over five million views on LinkedIn in the last two years alone. Judy was featured in multiple magazines and conferences including Inc., CEO, Video Marketing World, and VidSummit to name a few.

Judi got her started with networking for her self-started environmental engineering consulting company.

Judi currently offers her services as a content and video strategist, coaching clients through her own LinkedIn Business Accelerator.

LinkedIn isn’t just another social media platform.

When done correctly, it can potentially provide a staggering number of views and engagement every week as well as a space equipped for all sorts of transactions. 

LinkedIn has great potential to help the senior care industry by amplifying innovations geared towards the 60+ market and connecting such startups with Venture Capital Firms.

Despite the power and reach of this platform, only 1% of users regularly post content and consequently reap rewards of up to billions of views per week. Judi provides some tips to help business owners and professionals gain a place in this minute but incredibly influential sector. 

These include:

  • Sharing the spotlight with others
  • Showing up as a leader not just as a professional
  • Commenting to start conversations




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