July 17, 2019

Intelycare: The Uber of Nursing Home Staffing

In this episode of The Nursing Home podcast, we look into how Intelycare is solving one of the biggest challenges in the nursing home industry.

The shortage of nurses to fill the necessary open shifts is a really painful and challenging problem for nursing home operators.

Let’s meet Chris Caulfield RN, NP-C, co-founder and chief nursing officer at Intelycare. He has been a nurse for 10+ years and experienced a variety of work settings within the nursing industry.

Chris tells us more about Intelycare, from why it was conceived and how it continuously helps both hospital administrators, nursing homes and nurses with a system that is reminiscent of Uber.

The nursing home industry, specifically from the nursing home staffing standpoint, there is definitely significant struggle. There are more open shifts than LPN’s. There are simply more nurses that are needed than there are nurses available.

Intelycare, as in ‘intelligent way of caring for residents’, aims to address the problem. Nursing agencies that works with nursing homes are typically doing blocked book assignments.

Intelycare is best known easing the gap between nurses and nursing homes, and they are continuously adding to those services.

Chris also discussed how their system rates their shifts. It is both rated by the nurses that you are passing the assignment on, and also the administrator, the DON and the scheduler.

He also relates to us how Intelycare deals with compliance, background check and licensing.

From going with a traditional agency type of recruiting, verifying licenses and references and adding more ways to verify nurses background.

He discussed the pricing standpoint of their system compared to a traditional nursing agency. He tells us how nursing homes who have used Intelycare has increased their staffing ratings, improving their future profitability.

There are also nursing homes that are exclusively using Intelycare staffing solutions, as Chris also tells us, because they can meet all their needs including consistency.

A total of 8,000 nurses and nursing assistant have worked with Intelycare.

Intelycare aims to provide a complete staffing solution for nursing homes. Helping them mange, maintain, retain their own internal staffing while supplementing as necessary.
Intelycare is currently expanding in Illinois and New Jersey.

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