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April 19, 2020

Infection Control - Out of the Binder

Infection control is key to managing and mitigating the risk Coronavirus presents to nursing homes.

A good infection control program is actually realized on the nursing floor in real-time and not just in a dusty 3-ring binder

In this episode, Megan Crosser of NodMD shows just how to do that.

Practical steps to manage Coronavirus:

  • Sick staff should really stay home. (we know that nurses make for the worst patients. They'll come to work not feeling well because of how greatly they care for their patients. Now is not the time for that.)
  • Use proper protective equipment including full face shields.
  • If possible, assign one staff member to care for a positive coronavirus patients to minimize the traffic in the room. 
  • Practice your infection control policy. For real. 




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