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May 10, 2019

Here's Why I Started The Nursing Home Podcast

In this intro episode of The Nursing Home Podcast, I share the reasons why I started this podcast and will gain the most from this.

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Intro Episode

My name is Shmuel Septimus.

I’m a nursing home administrator, podcaster, online marketer, lover of effective communication and networking.

There is a dearth of knowledge when it comes to understanding the inner working of the nursing home industry.

On this podcast we will interview the mover and shakers of the nursing home industry. They will share their unique perspectives and experience with us.

We learn together how to best navigate our way through this complex and ever-evolving world of long term care.

Looking forward to taking this journey together!

Check out my other podcast as well - The Love Your 9 to 5 Show


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00:08.937 --> 00:12.222
Welcome to the nursing home podcast. Your goto

00:12.267 --> 00:15.987
source for professional insights in the long term care industry.

00:16.137 --> 00:19.542
Hear from leaders and experts as they share current and practical

00:19.602 --> 00:22.792
insights to help make the most of your day. I've been a long term care

00:22.840 --> 00:26.272
financial specialist. What that means is I help people plan for

00:26.305 --> 00:29.887
the inevitable. Nobody wants to think about getting old, but it's possible

00:29.950 --> 00:33.367
that someday we might need a little bit of care. Here's your host. Nursing home

00:33.415 --> 00:36.042
Administrator Turnpodcaster Schmoel,

00:36.102 --> 00:37.112

00:42.937 --> 00:46.762
Welcome to the very first episode of the Nursing Home

00:46.900 --> 00:50.077
Podcast. My name is Mole Septimus. I am a

00:50.095 --> 00:53.712
nursing home administrator turned marketer turned

00:53.787 --> 00:56.600
podcaster, turned whatever the next Turn will be.

00:57.037 --> 01:00.772
The reason why we started this podcast is for the simple

01:00.880 --> 01:04.492
reason that there seems to be a death of information

01:04.690 --> 01:08.857
for people who are actually looking to find real information

01:09.010 --> 01:12.907
about what actually happens in the nursing home field. People who are looking

01:12.985 --> 01:16.302
for up to date current information, whether you're

01:16.332 --> 01:19.897
a family member looking to place someone in a nursing home,

01:20.080 --> 01:23.872
very terrible and difficult decision. Or if

01:23.905 --> 01:27.877
you are a professional and you're ready in this industry and

01:27.970 --> 01:31.627
you are trying to really understand the industry, maybe from

01:31.645 --> 01:35.557
the bottom up, you're trying to see work your way in. You're trying to

01:35.710 --> 01:39.352
understand is this something is your move from growth here?

01:39.445 --> 01:43.925
You really care about the industry. You're really just trying to understand,

01:45.262 --> 01:49.222
get an inside look as to what the industry is really all about.

01:49.405 --> 01:54.477
So the goal is that we're going to be interviewing professionals

01:54.582 --> 01:57.997
in the industry and any other role that they may be

01:58.030 --> 02:01.862
in in a way that will be most beneficial to you, the listener.

02:02.887 --> 02:06.322
There are a lot of myths regarding the nursing home industry. People think

02:06.355 --> 02:10.027
that owners laughed their ways to the bank and

02:10.195 --> 02:13.797
supply the nursing homes with minimal staffing

02:13.842 --> 02:17.622
levels, minimal supply levels, and there are all sorts of horror

02:17.667 --> 02:21.662
stories that make it to the news regarding nursing homes,

02:22.162 --> 02:26.237
you know, senior residents escaping the looping

02:26.812 --> 02:30.212
and ending up in all sorts of unfortunate circumstances.

02:30.712 --> 02:33.727
There's definitely truth to a lot of this, but again, there's a lot

02:33.745 --> 02:37.027
of myths because nursing homes are a place where

02:37.045 --> 02:41.202
no one really wants to go. It's unfortunate,

02:41.307 --> 02:45.222
it's the best of the other alternatives

02:45.267 --> 02:48.997
for many people. So therefore there's a tendency to kind of

02:49.030 --> 02:52.162
over dramatize what goes on. But there is some truth to that as well.

02:52.300 --> 02:55.777
So that's definitely something that we want to COVID and we want to share all

02:55.795 --> 02:59.272
that information with you. And again, I'm going to be learning along with

02:59.305 --> 03:03.082
you. I've been managing nursing homes now for several years and in

03:03.160 --> 03:06.447
multiple environments, all of them within the state of Massachusetts,

03:06.492 --> 03:10.102
but several different companies. Each company has its

03:10.120 --> 03:14.007
own environment, its own culture, and I've gotten

03:14.097 --> 03:17.722
to experience quite a bit in all these different

03:17.755 --> 03:21.327
companies. But this show is not about me. The show is about the guests

03:21.357 --> 03:24.627
that we will bring on. And again, each one a respective

03:24.657 --> 03:27.997
leader in their field to really to give

03:28.030 --> 03:31.822
their unique take on where the industry is

03:31.855 --> 03:35.202
going, the trajectory from where it's been to where it's

03:35.232 --> 03:38.647
going, the current changes, alternate methods of care for

03:38.680 --> 03:42.432
the seniors, for our seniors. We're all going to be seniors one day. We don't

03:42.447 --> 03:45.725
want to send our seniors to nursing homes. Where are we going to send them?

03:46.387 --> 03:50.652
Home health is growing. Other alternative forms

03:50.682 --> 03:54.702
of care are growing. Again, marketing for nursing

03:54.732 --> 03:58.822
homes. The hospitals are not allowing the

03:58.855 --> 04:02.982
marketers in anymore. So we have to do more online marketing.

04:03.072 --> 04:06.682
How does that work? In a practical way, as I make doors open, as it

04:06.685 --> 04:10.625
makes the phone ring. So this is what we're going to be doing.

04:11.287 --> 04:14.412
We're going to try to make this a weekly podcast.

04:14.487 --> 04:18.050
So this is something you can look forward to on your commute every week.

04:18.412 --> 04:22.272
And really, I'll be sharing this on LinkedIn. On Facebook.

04:22.467 --> 04:26.002
On Instagram. On Twitter. You can follow me in all of

04:26.020 --> 04:29.302
those places to get the very, very latest of

04:29.320 --> 04:32.317
the show. It will also be available on my website,

04:32.440 --> 04:36.637
snfmmarketing.com skillednaursingfacilitymarketing.com

04:36.775 --> 04:40.362
by podcast. It will be available there and everywhere

04:40.512 --> 04:43.477
where better podcasts are listened to,

04:43.645 --> 04:47.457
downloaded, and of course, rated and reviewed.

04:47.622 --> 04:51.397
If you're listening to this, you still don't know if you've heard

04:51.430 --> 04:54.277
my other podcast that maybe you know a little bit about this, the Love Your

04:54.295 --> 04:57.937
Nine to Five show. But if you don't know it, I understand.

04:58.000 --> 05:01.057
You don't have an opinion yet, perhaps. But you

05:01.060 --> 05:04.850
know what? Listen to the next couple of episodes that are already out

05:05.512 --> 05:09.052
here, how awesome they are, then go. Leave me an awesome review. This is

05:09.070 --> 05:13.222
going to allow all the search engines to show the

05:13.255 --> 05:16.747
podcast to others who are searching for the very same things. So again,

05:16.780 --> 05:21.162
thank you for stopping by for this very first inaugural episode,

05:21.312 --> 05:25.182
the very first episode of the nursing home podcast.

05:25.347 --> 05:28.822
And I really look forward to doing this again with you in

05:28.855 --> 05:31.850
the very near future. Thank you.

05:55.837 --> 05:56.625
Video check out.