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July 6, 2021

Flooring; The Biggest Difference

With a host of other concerns to worry about, most operators don’t even consider the floors of their buildings.

Contrary to their seeming insignificance, floors can often become a large, expensive, and complicated issue.

Motty Notis, owner of Ritz Flooring, Inc., explains the ins and outs of flooring for nursing homes and the advantages of his own engineered vinyl.

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Originally in construction, Motty shifted his focus completely to flooring after realizing the room for innovation, and how little was known about the trade even by flooring professionals.


Many operators don’t even realize that their floors do not meet the requirements of statewide health regulations.


Motty explains that under the requirements of OSHPD, which sets the building standards for senior care in California, facilities may only use carpet or VCT (vinyl) for flooring.


Carpet is not very stable and often a hazard in nursing homes. This leaves VCT which requires a lot of care and cleaning as it becomes worn very easily.


Having built facilities from scratch Motty knows that flooring is always the biggest issue and makes the biggest difference in every project. He states that floors have a dramatic effect on a space and a nice clean floor can bring a building to life.


This is why it is essential to fit a facility with a durable, long-lasting floor rather than one that is less expensive and will need to be continuously redone and replaced.


After years of researching and tweaking other products, Motty engineered his own type of vinyl that is more durable than regular VCT and will remain unblemished by bleach and disinfectant.


Motty states that when looking to remodel facility floors, operators should do a lot of research, know the difference between commercial and residential flooring, and understand that price is not necessarily the best indicator of quality.






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