May 27, 2019

Does My Nursing Home Need a Registered Agent; with Sarah Rayburn

As nursing home operators, we are so busy operating that we may neglect to properly address legal issues that are lurking in the shadows.

We hope they will just go away, but unfortunately, they don't.

In this episode we meet, Sarah Rayburn of VCorp Services.

Sarah went to school for broadcast journalism.

When she realized that it was a real cut throat industry, a recruiter reached out to her and brought her into VCorp Services.

With her self admitted, ‘work ADD’, she was able to quickly learn the business and she took a liking to the compliance side of the business and that became her niche.

While attending a conference at the American Health Care Association, Sarah noticed how so many nursing home organizations were struggling with precisely this level of compliance.

Often, this was not given the attention that was needed for this and the results showed for themselves.

It’s never pleasant when the facility is giving a tour to a potential resident’s family members and a police officer enters the facility and serves the lawsuit.

It’s not good for marketing.

The staff begin to wonder about the stability of their jobs and all of this could have been avoided had the facility arranged a registered agent.

This information can be shared exponentially when this event is shared on social media and before you know it, this has become common knowledge.

A registered agent will receive any notices or legal notices, service of process, state notices and other types of legal documents. The agent is then responsible to share the information with the facility.

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