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April 28, 2020

Detect Coronavirus 2 Weeks Before Fevers Surface!

In this episode, Shalom shares with us a discovery that will enable early detection of Covid19 in nursing homes and other communal settings.

This literally can save lives!

Through early clinical interventions, residents can be isolated and treated and perhaps even cured before the symptoms become too acute for treatment.

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Outbreaks were happening even after facilities were closely monitoring the residents' temperatures. The challenge was getting ahead of this problem. 

Here's the NY Times article by Dr. Levitan explaining the strange nature of Covid19 pneumonia having almost no symptoms at all until its too late to intervene. 

After digging through the data, Shalom and his team discovered that the oxygen levels had significantly decreased up to 2 weeks prior to the onset of high fevers. 

Action on this information, operators have the ability to detect the Covid19 and address it while they still can. Days or even weeks prior to the onset of any detectable fevers. 

Visit MegaDataHS.com for the full infographic here


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