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April 7, 2020

Defuse Covid19 Panic with Your Social Media Channels

Family members are concerned with the status of their loved ones being cared for in nursing homes and in todays day of Covid19, almost all facilities are closed to visitors.

This is why its now more important than ever to take your online reputation seriously. Social media, the website, all business pages must be up to date and they can even be used to update family members on what’s going on in the facility.

Some facility’s are even using their social pages to facilitate communication between the residents and their family members.

Nursing homes have been hesitant to embrace social media for a variety of reasons. HIPAA concerns, legal reasons and of course marketing concerns.

What many centers don’t realize is that content will appear online regardless if they allow it or not. Pages are auto-generated for facilities where residents and even employees are already posting information.

By fully engaging on the various social channels, the facility can then control the conversation and direct their raving fans to share the positive experiences. 


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