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March 2, 2020

Dealing with Coronavirus in the Nursing Home Setting with Dr. Sarfraz Sidhu

With the recent deaths in a Kirkland, WA nursing home from Coronavirus, we interviewed Dr. Sarfraz Sidhu, an expert in the nursing home space to learn how to best prevent and manage the virus in our facilities.

This was originally recorded on Linkedin and Facebook live to address the growing concern of nursing home professionals, the residents and their families with dealing with the Coronavirus. 

Dr. Sarfraz Sidhu shares that all nursing homes and healthcare facilities already have infection control policies in place. We need to be vigilant in following those procedures, and educating ourselves and our staff on the latest that the CDC and our state agencies share about the virus. 

Ultimately, this virus will pass as our communities build an immunity to this strand of the Coronavirus, however, in the meantime this episode deals with the management process. 


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