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March 3, 2021

Content Marketing In Senior Care

Why make fifty phone calls and persevere through gatekeeper after gatekeeper all for one rushed pitch to the final decision maker, when you could just have them on your video series?

This is the ingenious content strategy of Yitz Rubin’s Spotlight Video Series which he initiated for Chicago-based therapy company Renewal Rehab.

Not only does he get the chance to talk business with such leaders and experts. They also have taught him a lot about the field and opened his eyes to potential problems that might need fixing.

Yitz Rubin, Director of Business Development at Renewal Rehab, is relatively new to the healthcare industry. Having been in sales for ten years he has done his fair share of outbound marketing. 

These traditional sales techniques such as cold calling and mail and email blasts work by the principal that if something is done persistently enough you will begin to see results. 

This method differs wildly from content marketing which involves creating valuable content that will establish a relationship with a desired audience and retain their attention on its own. 

Chicago’s healthcare market is unique from many others in its practices of relationship building and maintaining which are built upon a foundation of mutual trust. 

This means that the ancillary companies in the field often don’t hire any sales or marketing departments. 

While this dynamic is extremely beneficial and has allowed such companies to breach the hundred million range, it only extends as far as the Chicago area. 

It is Yitz’s hope with his Spotlight series to reach beyond this geographical barrier and break into the billion range. 






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