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Sept. 4, 2020

Better Care Coordination; Real Patient Choice

Imagine if a senior falls at home and doesn't need to go to the emergency room. They can quickly find the precise level of care they need and perhaps stay in their homes while they receive care.

This is possible with CareAvailiblity.com - a platform that connects nursing homes with hospitals and the patients themselves.

The case managers in the hospitals need to know what level of care is available in the community that will be appropriate for the patient they are trying to discharge.  

A nursing home is not always the best solution for a hospital discharge. There can be other community-based options that are better for the patient. 

It's like Expedia for travel. Before Expedia, you'd have to make dozens of calls to hotels, flights, and rental car companies to make the arrangements for a trip. 

That's where the current landscape looks like for hospital case managers. They don't have that one resource, the Expedia if you will, to streamline all this information in one place. 

With CareAvailibility - you can literally insert the needs of a particular patient, check off all the boxes and the system will spit out the best solution for them. 


Learn more about Care Availability - www. CareAvailability.com 

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