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May 11, 2021

Are We Treating Our Seniors Worse Than Horses?

Even the most luxurious of senior care facilities are still institutions designed for clinical, standardized care that often has a degrading effect on patients.

Nancy Griffin founder of the Glowing Older podcast explains how emphasizing wellness in senior care can help seniors retain their individuality and find a purpose.

Nancy’s podcast Glowing Older examines the intersection of wellness and senior care. With 25 years in the hospitality, health, and wellness industries, she has deep knowledge of the mental and physical benefits wellness can provide.


Wellness not only signifies keeping people healthy but also providing them with a good standard of living.


While senior care possesses the goal of keeping patients alive and healthy, it is also a very institutionalized setting, often reducing patients to numbers and diagnoses.


This inevitable dehumanization is due in large part to our society’s stigma of its elderly population. Many commonly held assumptions about seniors are flawed and overlook their innate intelligence and valuable life experience.


This ageism must be addressed and some fundamental shifts made in the way we perceive seniors in order for action to be taken to introduce more wellness into senior living.






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