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May 19, 2020

Administrator Vs The Surveyor

If you're in the nursing home world, you know what the dreaded 'DPH is here!' announcement means.

It's going to be a few stressful days.

Everyone's got to be on their best behavior.

Follow those rules.

Print out those documents that were on your to-do list for too long and throw them into a binder.

We're in survey mode!

Today we get to see what it's like from the surveyors' standpoint! Really excited to do this!

Robin shares with us the perspective of the surveyor when entering and surveying a nursing home. They have pressure from their managers to complete the survey in a specific time frame (usually 4-5 days). 

The regulation requires that all surveys are completed in 9-15 months and that can be a challenge when a facility is not prepared and ready to go. 

I wait, hope and pray for the day when all surveyors will be on the same page and will work together to ensure the residents receive the highest level care that they truly deserve!

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