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Why CNAs Don't Want to Work

Everyone is beating on our CNAs.

Why do we have to beg them to work?
Why are they so demanding?
Why can't we depend on them showing up and providing the care they promised to deliver?

Here's a perspective from someone who's been there.
In the trenches.

In this episode of The Nursing Home Podcast, Quanisha Bernard will share a CNA's perspective.

We'll address the low pay, the unmanageable workload and (the lack of) growth opportunities.

The bad news is that the issues are real
The good news is that these things can be addressed if not solved completely.

If we'd have more open conversations about these issues with the direct care providers and management, we'd be one step closer to solving these issues.

The Nursing Home Podcast is starting the conversation.

@The Nursing Home Podcast explores real issues facing the nursing home industry in simple and actionable terms.

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