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Nov. 4, 2020

Solving the Staffing Challenge in Nursing Homes

Scheduling nursing staff can be an endlessly frustrating time-suck. The difficulties arising from this arduous task often leave nursing homes and medical facilities strained and dangerously understaffed.

The Gale App is the Uber of nursing staffing services, digitizing and personalizing the scheduling process so that employers can easily schedule staff at their convenience and fill the shifts.

Tony Braswell is a veteran in this space and has been in the Nursing Home staffing industry for 29 years. 

Most of that time was spent on the excruciatingly slow task of calling up nurses one at a time trying to get them to come to work. This tedious process needed to be faster. 

Much faster.

A brainwave hit Braswell one day when his son purchased just a single bottle of ketchup from Amazon. He realized that with the scope and advancement of modern technology, nursing home staffing could be automated and accomplished much more quickly and efficiently.

The Gale App’s method of flexible scheduling is key in a country already short 1,000,000 nurses and losing more every day from burnout. 

The strict schedules, bi-weekly paydays, and exhausting last minute double-shifts of the past don’t work anymore.

It's time for facilities to adapt to the changing demands of the senior care industry. 

Over 20,088 nurses have already signed on with the Gale App, and, as the U.S. is rapidly developing into a gig-economy, the technology is set to become a serious contender in the nursing staffing sphere.



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